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Guardianship is a hot topic. Those without guardianship want to know, how can I get a guardian. Guardianship is so very important to the safety and well being of individuals that can not make the right choices and decisions in there lives. Without a guardian many people can be taken advantage of in very bad ways. That is just as true when it comes to special needs trusts.

Many people assume that because their child has a disability they are automatically the child's legal Guardian. However, every person over the age of eighteen is presumed to have the legal rights of an adult no matter what their abilities.

In Florida, a person that is 18 years old or older is considered to be competent and have all their legal rights, until a court determines otherwise.  Even if the person has very limited abilities and has a history of making poor choices, they are still legally able to make all decisions for themselves. Only a court can take away a person's right.